Biomass FAQs

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The Justsen biomass boiler is an impressive looking piece of equipment, starting at 500Kw these units can be built up to 30MW used for any agricultural, horticultural, commercial or industrial industries where you have a process or heat load requirement.

The KSM is a powerful boiler, the professional range for Industry and Agriculture. Installed bespoke to the individual client's needs. The full range starts from 50kw and goes up to 1MW with the option of burning straw, pellets and wood chips up to 50% moisture. This is the boiler if your heating requirements are for example:- grain drying, heating water systems for milking parlours, workshops and heating the farmhouse and/or cottages using a district heating system.

The ETA HACK ranges from 20kw to 350kw so there will always be a boiler system suited for your needs.

A wide range of biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms can be used as fuel in these boilers. Waste products from forest management including dead trees, branches and tree stumps together with wood chips and even municipal solid waste can be used as fuel depending on the particular boiler. Commonly used biomass fuels include wood pellets, dry virgin wood chips, recycled wood chip, saw dust and straw.

Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd is pleased to offer fully IED compliment waste wood boiler systems in combination with our partners Core Biomass Ltd, Justsen Energiteknik and Filter Designs Ltd.

The Justsen JWB boiler range

  • Fully water cooled grate, with unique moving grate design suitable for high ash fuels
  • Fully water cooled combustion chamber to prevent the formation of clinker, with stainless lining in the ignition zone
  • Water filled arch with ceramic lining
  • Ceramic lining of the large secondary combustion chamber to allow residence time at sufficient temperature for IED compliance
  • Large water cooled after combustion chamber to cool the flue gasses before entry to the tubes, preventing sticky deposits in the tubes
  • Automatic control of integrated burner to maintain IED compliance at all times
  • Robust and reliable fuel feeding and combined ash handling systems
  • Internal tube bypass damper to allow modulation to very low load whilst maintaining adequate exhaust temperature

Filter deigns flue gas clean up and emissions monitoring equipment:

  • Bag filter with pulse jet cleaning, bypass valve arrangement and de-ashing system
  • Drop out box and Grecon automatic dousing system to protect the bag filter from flying embers
  • Bulk bag skid unit for dosing of Bicarbonate / PAC with variable dosing rate via blown delivery system to the bag filter inlet
  • DeNox system with lance delivery to secondary combustion chamber. Pre-mixed (IBC) or urea Prill systems depending on boiler capacity.
  • CEMS system to suit permit requirements
  • Control system fully integrated with all components of the system and the boiler. Automatic control of Urea and Bicarbonate delivery to maintain emissions compliance at all times