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Biomass Boilers

We are experienced in supplying fully fitted containerised and modular plant room solutions as well as fitting biomass systems into existing buildings. Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd can supply and install the complete Justsen, KSM and ETA range of biomass boilers.  We are also experienced in the installation of Hertz, Binder and Hargassner biomass boilers.

Justsen Boilers

Justsen biomass boilers are the hardest and strongest boiler system on the market today that can be designed and built to suit all your applications. These boilers can be supplied for low temperature hot water, medium temperature hot water and steam boilers for process heat or steam turbine for power generation. These boilers can burn a range of fuel types including wood chip, up to 45% MC, wood pellet, straw and we are delighted to announce that we can supply WID / IED compliant boilers. All boilers are RHI compliant.

KSM Boilers

The KSM boiler covers the professional range for industry and agriculture. It is capable of burning straw, agricultural by-products, wood pellets and chip with up to 45% moisture content.  The KSM boiler is very robust ideally suited for small commercial workshops and factories to large commercial and processing applications or agricultural solutions.  The KSM boiler range are all RHI compliant.

The KSM XL boiler ranges from 145kw to 360kw. The boilers arrive on site already wired so installation is quick and easy.  They are fitted with automatic heat exchanger cleaning, auto ignition and a moving grate system.  A bespoke fuel handling system can be designed around the clients specification.

The KSM XXL boiler starts at 190kw up to 2.5MW.  These boilers are the real work horses of the KSM boiler solution.  They have a step grate system that makes it ideal to burn poor quality wood fuel up to 45% moisture G50 size chip.  These boilers all have lambda control for optimizing efficiency.

Our XXL boilers are also RHI compliant to burn baled straw from 500kw and above.  This is an automated feed system which makes it ideal for the agricultural and glass house sector.

We can undertake the full range and turnkey installation including district heating systems, integrating the heating system on to the existing grain drying facilities.

The ETA boiler can burn both wood pellet and virgin dry wood chip to maximum 30% moisture.  A boiler can be suited for your needs because the range of the ETA HACK is 20kW to 350kW.

ETA boilers are unique in their ability and versatility to be installed in almost any situation.  They are renowned for their user friendliness.  The control system is very easy to use and can be accessed remotely by engineers as part of the standard equipment.

ETA Hack has a one-chamber rotary valve, this has a large seal area that provides maximum burn back protection with blades that can cut longer pieces of wood that prevent blockage in the auger system unlike other boilers. Automatic electric ignition comes as standard.

The control system can operate all your heating circuits in your property and fossil fuel boilers if required.

Containerised and Modular Plant Rooms

If space is short for a biomass boiler in an existing building, we can offer to supply and install containerised, modular or steel framed buildings to suit your requirements and needs.