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500kw Justsen wood chip boiler

In December 2017 we contracted to supply a 500kw Justsen boiler for Larton Livery on the Wirral. The boiler will be used to produce heat for a number of properties and business units.

We decided to use the Justsen boiler based on the poor fuel that will be used. This boiler will be fuelled using straw bedding combined with arbour waste.

This combination of fuel will produce high levels of clinker so to try and alleviate this Justsen manufacture a combustion chamber where the walls of the chamber are ceramic and are water cooled. On top of this the moving grate sits on water cooled pipes that all assist in reducing the build-up of clinker.

Cheviot Heat and Power also built and supplied a walking floor fuel store that we had constructed in a nine meter shipping container, this is an ideal solution for fuel stores and we are able to supply the fuel stores for any biomass boiler.

These fuel store are a cheaper and easier solution for most fuel store projects and work well with a variety of fuel qualities.

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