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BP Mitchell, Burnside 500kw Justsens boiler

Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd was contacted in June 2017 and was asked to supply a full turnkey solution for one of the sites for BP Mitchell in Hatfield.

The site requirement was to supply heat for two large properties 150 meters from biomass plantroom, heat for a new paint spray shop that will be erected for paint spraying company equipment; however the main heat load was to supply hot water for pressure washers. With over eighty lorries on site pressure washing is a full time job.

The client has access to grade “A” and “B” waste wood that he put through his wood chipper. We were asked to design and install a system. We decided to choose the 500kw Justsens boiler system as this is probably the most robust and reliable boiler on the market today.

Due to site restraints we decided that for the fuel store the best solution would be to build a walking floor within a 30foot shipping container. This would give approx. 35cubic meters of fuel storage which is ample for this size of boiler. The fuel is filled using the onsite loading shovel

We use the boiler to heat a 10,000Ltr buffer tank with a heating coil inside. The coil is used to heat bore hall water to 75degrees centigrade for power washing the lorries at 60ltrs per minute.

Cheviot Heat & Power also supplied and installed the full heating system within the biomass plant room as well as the district heating pipe work to the final connections for connecting to the two domestic properties for there heating.

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