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Pressmains Farm Biomass boiler refurbishment

In April of 2017 we were contacted by Farm John Dalton of Pressmains Farm, Berwickshire, John had recently bought the farm and had inherited a biomass boiler installation that was already on the farm.

Unfortunately the 130kw KSM boiler was not working at all efficiently and was struggling to keep up with the heat demand of a farm house and a number of cottages. John had found a local contractor to service the boiler however there were still a lot of issues with the heating system itself.

It was agreed with John that the best way forward was that since the boiler had been serviced and burning good wood chip and it was now working well, it made little sense to change the boiler however, we would replace all the pipe work within the plant room, replacing the two 1000 Ltr buffer tanks with one 3000Ltr tank.

The system had originally been installed as an open vented system, which is a serious design fault with biomass systems so we also fitted a pressurization unit with an expansion vessel. The boiler loading pump and system pumps were also replaced including heat meters etc, we also assisted John with OFGEM in regards to the RHI.

Since completing the refurbishment of the plant room the boiler has kept up with the heat load on the system efficiently even through the coldest of weather during winter 2018.

From the client ...


I am very impressed indeed by your expertise and technical knowledge regarding the Biomass Projects.

A very tidy job that is immediately working more efficiently.

I met with four other companies, all of whom stated different ideas without giving me any confidence of enabling an upgrade to my inherited heat room.

Your confidence immediately impressed as did your polite attitude and ability.

Thank you very much.

John Dalton, Pressmains Farm

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