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Automatic self-feed straw boilers

Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd has a range of boilers that are RHI compliant for burning straw in a fully automated feed system. This solution is ideal if you have a high heat demand for example drying corn through a continuous flow grain dryer, poultry houses glass houses or general buildings.

Heston straw bales are placed on a feed conveyor using a loader and the bales move slowly along the conveyer to the bale chopper.

Once the straw bale fuel gets to the end of the conveyor it then goes through a chopper machine that chops the straw into short lengths.

The chopped straw is then fed into the boiler through an auger system.

The system is fully automatic so can be designed around the clients specification. The boiler range starts at 500kw up to 2MW boiler systems, other boiler outputs can be designed upon request.

Heston straw bales when stored dry – 12 – 14% moisture can produce up to 1MW hr of heat which makes it a very cost effective way of drying your harvest.

At Cheviot Heat & Power we can design supply and install the full biomass package including grain dryer integration plant room hydraulics and integration into existing buildings.

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