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Grainco Ltd - 1MW Unicomfort biomass boilers

In February 2017 Cheviot Heat & Power were contacted by Grainco Ltd in Newcastle. They had ordered two 1MW Unicomfort boilers to be used on two separate sites to be used for pre heating the air on the grain dryers.

We were asked to install both boilers and also asked to supply and install the turn key package for both plant rooms, this was a difficult project due to site restraints and time scales running both projects at the same time, we were however fortunate that both projects were very similar in design.

Both boilers were Unicomfort EOS90 boilers with an output of 995kw, these boiler’s are delivered split into and a crane has to be used to lift and move the boilers into position, Most of the cables are sent with the boiler however we have to make all the final electrical connections into the control panel.

With Unicomfort boilers we also had to install bag filters for both sites and also a self-supporting flue system.

Bag filters are used to filter out small dust particulates with in the boiler flue system ensuring that we have much cleaner emissions from biomass boilers especially when burning poorer quality of fuel.

Both boilers used a Unicomfort 40foot shipping container with a built in walking floor as the fuel store, the container roof lifts up and the client can fill the store using the onsite teleporter.

The purpose of the system was to warm the ambient air that is being sucked into the grain dryers, the idea of this is to save the client costly drying costs by reducing the amount of oil that he is purchasing as well as being able to claim the RHI.

To achieve this 200kw heat exchangers were built around the grain dryer air inlet vents, the fans inside the dryer draw the ambient air through the heat exchangers warming the ambient air around 30degrees centigrade, this means that the oil burner is not working quite so hard so saving the client money.

Cheviot Heat & Power supplied and installed all the pipe work for these heat exchangers using 5” steel pipe, we then had a contractor to insulate all the pipe work once the project had been finished.

From the client ...

Paul Barton and his team made an excellent job of installing our two new 1MW boilers. Working on multiple sites and importing significant parts of plant the project presented numerous complexities to overcome.

The high standard of their work, problem solving abilities and overall willingness to get the job done and finished are rare qualities that I am glad to say can be attributed to Cheviot Heat & Power Ltd.

Doug Gray, GrainCo Ltd

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